The Bottom Line:

Cleaner And Cooler

  • Through years of research and development and technological innovation, BlueFire has taken a ground up approach to redesigning the PDC bit. Our team of scientists and engineers has applied its expertise and the result is groundbreaking.
  • Dr. Anatoli Borissov, a renowned physicist, heads the research and design team at BlueFire. His proficiency in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics has spawned a potential paradigm shift in drill bit technology. Existing designs use nozzles that eject drilling fluid into the well bottom. Subsequently, the fluid is applied in a general manner and creates an uneven distribution at the point of contact.
  • Our design employs strategically aligned nozzles to concentrate high-pressure jet streams directly upon the cutting edge, which lubricate the points of contact where the cutters meet the drilling surface. The result is a bit that runs cleaner and cooler.
  • The hydraulic configuration facilitates the removal of free-floating particles and cuttings away from the cutting surface and into the annulus.
  • Tests have shown that our design reduces the temperature of the PDC cutters by over 300??C. This drastically reduces cutter wear and extends the life of the bit. The bottom line is that our patent pending technology allows operators to drill faster and deeper than conventional bit designs.
  • Our design has also proven to be more maneuverable and durable within a drilling cycle. Operators who have purchased our bit have utilized one bit per well on 6,500 ft. wells versus 4-5 conventional bits, providing for more efficient and cost effective drilling programs.
  • Feedback from operators using our bits revealed that we had saved them 3-4 days of drilling time on 6,500 ft. wells, which equates to approximately $60,000 to $70,000 saved per well. Over the course of a drilling program, our technology has the ability to save operators millions of dollars.

BlueFire Research Innovation

Tests indicate a 30-40% decrease in temperature on the cutting surfaces. BlueFire bits demonstrate improved cleaning and scouring action that facilitates the removal of cuttings. Our bits are cleaner and cooler with higher rates of penetration (ROP).


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Borissov has employed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize BlueFire bits in the product development cycle. He has been essential to the evaluation of fluid dynamics in the bit design process.